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IBSCT–BAS presents the online exhibition 'Georgi S. Rakovski: bright mind and invincible spirit'

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The Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences presents the online exhibition 'Georgi S. Rakovski: Bright mind and invincible spirit'. It is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great ideologue of the Bulgarian organized national liberation movement.

The exhibition presents interesting and unknown facts about the life and work of Georgi Rakovski as a publicist, revolutionary, inspirer and leader of the Bulgarian national liberation movement. It leads the audience in his footsteps in Kotel, Constantinople, Brăila, Belgrade, Marseille, Novi Sad, Odessa and Bucharest. Stories and impressions of his contemporaries complement the image of Rakovski as the most far-sighted and cosmopolitan person in the Bulgarian National Revival.

The exhibition is available here (audio and video).

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