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The Management Board of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences awarded a scholar from the IBSCT

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osmanski Solun koritsa prednaOn the eve of the National Awakeners' Day - November 1, the Management Board of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences awarded distinguished scientists from the BAS for individual and collective contribution to the formation of the H-index of the Academy, as well as for significant monographs of national importance.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. habil. Yura Konstantinova from the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology was awarded a diploma for the book The Bulgarians in the Ottoman Salonica (IBSCT, 2020).

Assoc. Prof. Konstantinova's monograph is the first comprehensive study of the participation of Bulgarians in the political, economic and social life of Salonica during the Ottoman period. The e-book is available on the website of the project Thessaloniki and the Bulgarians: History, Memory, Present, funded by the Bulgarian Science Fund.

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