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Violeta Manolova

photo VMVioleta Konstantinova Manolova

Scientific degree and current position:
Doctor of Philosophy, Historian

Areas of academic interest:
History of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Levant; history of Byzantium, Southern Italy and Sicily; the politics of Spanish kingdoms in Central and Eastern Mediterranean during the Middle Ages; cultural and religious relationships; identities, influences, exchange of ideas and traditions in medieval Mediterranean societies. Trade and navigation, development and trends in science and art during the Late Middle Ages.

Education and fellowships:
2019 Postdoctoral Fellow at the IBSCT-BAS, Department Medieval Balkans
2018 PhD degree - Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'
2013 Master's degree, 'Crises, Conflicts and Diplomacy in World Policy, 15th-20th Centuries - Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridski'
2012 Bachelor's degree, 'Past and present of Southeast Europe'

Participation in scholarly projects:
2017–2019 The Greater Mediterranean: An Insiders’ and Outsiders’ View – Part Two

Selected publications:
„Емирите от норманска Сицилия и византийско-сицилианските отношения XII-XIII в. Случаите на Георги Антиохийски, Хенрикус Аристипус и Маргарито ди Бриндизи“ – Исторически портал "Anamnesis"/"Mediaevalia"
Изследвания и материали за Видин и региона, София, УИ „Св. Климент Охридски“, 2018, т. II, ISBN 978-954-07-3646-4; т. III, ISBN 978-954-07-3647-1. – Отзив на английски език В: Études balkaniques, 3, 2019, р. 634-637

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