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IBSCT-BAS announces an academic competition for Assistant Professor position

The Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology "Prof. Alexander Fol" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences announces an academic competition for Assistant Professor position - two places: in professional field 2.2. History and Archaeology, scientific speciality "Ancient History and Thracology" - one place; in professional field 3.1. Sociology, Anthropology and Culture Studies, scientific speciality "Cultural Theory and History" - one place, for the Centre of Thracology. Application deadline: 2 months from the promulgation in the State Gazette. Documents shall be submitted to the IBSCT, City of Sofia, Moskovska Street No. 45, phone number: 02 980 62 97; 0886568862.

The announcement is promulgated in the State Gazette No. 15/ 21.02.2020

Application form to the Director of the IBSCT-BAS for participation in the academic competition

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