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8 March 2019, Public PhD thesis defense of the PhD student Boryana Markova

On 9 April, 2019 (Tuesday) at 11h00 in the conference hall of the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology "Prof. Alexander Fol" (IBCT) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, located in the city of Sofia, Moskovska Street No. 45, there will be public PhD thesis defense of Boryana Markova for acquiring the scientific and educational degree "Doctor" in professional field 2.2. History and Archaeology, Doctoral Programme Ancient History and Thracology. The topic of the dissertation is "The Bessie tribe in the Roman Empire". All scientific reviews and opinions of the members of scientific jury, as well as the autoreferate of the PhD student are available on the IBCT website. Hardcopy of the dissertation is disposable at the IBCT office.

Review of Prof. Liliana Simeonova, Dr. habil.

Review of Prof. Ivan Todorov, PhD

Opinion of Prof. Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva, D.A.

Opinion of Assoc. Prof. Georgi Mitrev, PhD

Opinion of Assoc. Prof. Ivo Topalilov, PhD


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