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November 2017, academic competition for professor in Section "The Balkans 1878-1945"

Academinc competition for Professor position in professional field 2.2. History and Archaeology, scientific specialty Early Modern and Modern History for the needs of Section "The Balkans 1878-1945" for which only one candidate applied - Assoc. Prof. Roumiana Preshlenova, PhD.

Review of Prof. Ivan Ilchev, Dr. habil, corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Review of Prof. Alexander Kostov, Dr. habil.

Review of Prof. Lyudmil Spasov, Dr. habil.

Opinion of Prof. Nadya Danova, Dr. habil.

Opinion of Prof. Ivan Parvev, Dr. habil.

Opinion of Prof. Georgeta Nazarska, PhD

Opinion of Assoc. Prof. Dobrinka Parusheva, PhD

Summary of works written by Assoc. Prof. Roumiana Preshlenova, PhD

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