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July 2016



for admission of full-time PhD students for the academic 2016-2017
in accordance with Decision No. 328 of the Council of Ministers dated 3.05.2016, on the following specialties:

• 2.1. Philology (Balkan Literature and Culture) - one place for full-time PhD student;

• 2.2. History and Archaeology (Ancient History and Thracology) - one place for full-time PhD student;

• 2.2. History and Archaeology (Medieval History) - one place for full-time PhD student;

• 2.2. History and Archaeology (Documentation, Archivistics, Paleography) - one place for full-time PhD student;

• 2.2. History and Archaeology (Early Modern and Modern History) - one place for full-time PhD student;

• 3.1. Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Sciences (Cultural Theory and History) - one place for full-time PhD student.

From 15.08.2016 to 14.10.2016 the candidates shall submit the following documents:

1. Application for participation in the competition addressed to the Director of the IBCT - BAS. The application shall specify the specialty (specialties) for which the application is submitted and the foreign language in which the second competition examination will be held.
2. Curriculum vitae;
3. Diploma for acquired Master's degree with its appendix or a notarized copy of it. IMPORTANT: Only PhD candidates who have at least  "very good" (4.50) GPA during their Master's education are admitted to the competition.
4. Certificate of recognized higher education, in case the diploma is issued by a foreign higher education institution;
5. Medical certificate;
6. Criminal record certificate;
7. Applicants may also submit other documents attesting to their interests and achievements in the relevant scientific field.
8. Invoice (or copy of invoice) in the amount of BGN 30 paid in the Training Center at the BAS - Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. No. 125, Bl. 26 B, Fl. 2. The fee does not depend on the number of competitions in which the candidates participate.

Candidates who do not yet have a diploma, shall submit a certificate from the higher education institution, which must indicate the GPA of the studies and the grade of the Master thesis defense (or of the state examination). PhD candidates are notified of their admission to the competition in writing. The letter specifies when and where to receive the competition examination programs.

Exams will be held:
scientific specialty exams from 5 to 09.12.2016,
foreign language exams ​​from 12 to 16.12.2016.

Successfully passed the examinations are candidates who received at least very good 4.50 on the scientific specialty exam and not less than good 4.00 on the foreign language exam

INQUIRIES: Sofia, 1000, Moskovska Street No. 45, phone number: 02 980 62 97, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or BAS-Administration, 15th November Street, No. 1, office 310, phone number: 02 979 52 60.

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