Academic Competitions Archive

September 2015

Documents related to the public thesis defense of Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Kochankov, PhD for awarding a Dr. habil. degree in scientific area 2. Humanities, professional field 2.2. History and Archeology. Thesis: "Bulgaria and Slovakia (1938-1944): Policy and diplomacy in the European Southeast (Documentary study)".

Reviews and opinions:

Review of Prof. Lyudmil Spasov, Dr. habil.

Review of Prof. Vitka Toshkova, Dr. habil.

Review of Assoc. Prof. Bisser Petrov, PhD

Opinion of Prof. Svetlozar Eldarov, Dr. habil.

Opinion of Prof. Iskra Baeva, PhD

Opinion of Prof. Yordan Baev, PhD

Opinion of Assoc. Prof. Teodorichka Gotovska-Henze


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