Annotation: In 2006 the International Musicological Society (IMS) started to organize international conferences with the general theme 'Music in the Balkans' in various countries of Southeast Europe. They led to the formation of a "IMS Regional Association for the study of music in the Balkans". After having met in Durrës (Albania), Brcko (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Belgrade (Serbia), Thessaloniki (Greece), and Iaşi (Romania) with the participation of colleagues from almost all countries in the Balkans as well as Western Europe and the US, it is now time to discuss the success and ramifications of these conferences for each of the organizing countries, the Balkans and Europe at large. The scholarly interests and the academic situation differ from country to country — as is the music itself —, yet the complex history of the Balkans has also led to commonalities, which need to be explored and evaluated. Based on the experience of the last conferences the participants shall discuss the present situation and take a look at options and projects for the future.

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